Monday, October 04, 2004

Bush should have a morsel of honor

According to Chris Matthews and others, there are rumors floating around about Bush canceling the rest of the debates.

I for one, would hope that even he would accept his fate like a man, and not the sniveling coward that America saw Thursday night.

He should at least display more class than a cowering feral dog. Even in Texas there is something called shame, and something called honor.

Hell, if he were in feudal Japan, it'd be time for a big round of seppuku events.

Not that I'm saying that anyone in the Bush administration should commit ritual suicide by disembowelment. I'm not Although I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle Malkin were to say that some people were saying that.

But it's time for Bush to show a smidgen of honor, and go down in flames, maybe not like a kamikaze, but he should at least publicly fail. (Of course what he REALLY ought to do is a) resign and b) cooperate with investigators.) That would be the honorable thing to do.

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