Saturday, October 02, 2004

What a reaction to Kerry's surge in the polls!

Freepers have discovered that their boy is down in the polls after that catastrophic performance in the last debate.

While you can see the denial and anger, there's actually something else going on... either more than a couple of the Freepers are starting to realize that their boy is incompetent, or they've been massively infiltrated by moderates posing as conservatives...I'm hoping that it's the former but I'll take the latter...

Check out response 253:

Let's face facts and stop deluding ourselves here. Bush has left himself open for slaughter and repeating the same tired lines at pep rallies isn't going to work. He's preaching to the choir at these events. It's not his base he needs to worry about.

Bush has let himself get boxed-in with his only option left is to come out swinging which the media will spin as to aggressive.

I'm sure Bush will do better in the next debate because he couldn't do any worse. If Bush and company knows where OBL is they better send all the troops to capture him as that is about the only thing left which will change the focus of this race.

And reply number 301:

My wife who has been a Republican all her life and voted for W in 2000 and twice for governor told me yeserday that she is pulling for Kerry because she thinks he will pull the troops out of Iraq. Our son is to be deployed to Iraq in March.

Will be a challenge to get her to change her mind. Probably some others like her also. Any ideas?

Or how about number 337:

We'll see. I hope you are correct, but my feeling is that most, if not all, of the polls are going to show fairly significant movement towards Kerry in the next several days.
Again, the main thing Kerry had going against him was that people did not personally like him. In the debate, he came across as a decent, normal human being. That alone will pull a lot of people (especially women IMHO) over to his side.

This is cool.

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