Sunday, February 06, 2005

Compasisionate Conservatism in Action

Atrios got this one right.

The term "psychopath" comes to mind.

Update: I was going to make references to Bush's religiosity, but I see WaPo put in a bit:

"You can tell he has God within him!" says Zig Ziglar, the sales guru and motivational speaker, in a phone interview from Montgomery, Ala., where he is hosting a seminar.

"The president walks with his shoulders erect!" lauds Tom Hopkins, a professional trainer and author of "How to Master the Art of Selling" and "Selling for Dummies." "He makes great eye contact! He is buoyant! He walks at a fast pace! You can tell he's a great listener!" These are all the marks of successful salespeople, Hopkins says. Great salespeople like Tom Hopkins, he keeps telling us. "I have had so much success in real estate! I've set so many sales records!"

President Bush paraded his gifts as he stumped for his Social Security plan over 36 hard-selling hours beginning in Fargo on Thursday and ending in Tampa late Friday afternoon. In each city, he hosted a "Conversation on Strengthening Social Security," although the spectacles more resembled pep rallies or massive sales seminars.

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