Friday, February 04, 2005

Think the righties are gonna mention this?

via Kos

In a rare reference to an actual vote tabulation, The New York Times on Thursday reports that in the "diverse" city of Mosul, with 60% of the count completed, the overall turnout seems slightly above 10%, or "somewhat more than 50,000 of Mosul's 500,000 estimated eligible voters."

So it seems like that 70%? 60%? 57% is evaporating really, really, fast. Geez, I wonder if those bloggers-for-blood are going to admit that this "election" was a sham?

Let's rewind the tape here...

Some anti-war bloggers have developed a quick case of amnesia regarding the turnout in the Iraq Election - see Notes in Samsara for one example.

Let's see if Mossback can break his thunderous silence; here's his most recent bloviation...

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