Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A bizarre article from FOTF....

From their "collegians" articles called "boundless," apparently because they censor them less than other articles on their site...(think about that for a minute or two)...

Dorinda Bordlee of the legal group Americans United for Life says [Chris Rock is] using satire “to show that abortion on demand has made women more into sex objects than we’ve ever been.” And an article in the online magazine Slate backs up Bordlee’s assessment:

Far from an encomium to fetus killing, Rock’s abortion bit is an attack on women for the frivolous manner in which they decide whether or not to keep a child. “When a woman gets pregnant, it’s a choice between the woman” — here Rock pauses, a mischievous grin barely restrained — “and her girlfriends.” From there: “One girlfriend goes, ‘Child, you should have that baby — that man got some good hair…’ And the other girlfriend says, ‘Child, why we even talking about this — ain’t we supposed to go to Cancun next week? Get rid of that baby!’ ” And that, Rock says, “is how life is decided in America.”

Wow. “Life,” “baby,” and unconcealed contempt for people who approach the issue casually or selfishly. From Chris Rock. Who would’ve expected it? If nothing else, it’s sure refreshing.

I've seen this bit by Rock on HBO. First of all, I would have expected it from Chris Rock; he's a family man who cherishes his family and acidly indicts those among us who abdicate responsibility. It's incredibly arrogant of FOTF to think that because one uses the language of the 'hood (or sailor language or any other language that offends the ears of those who choose to be offended) that therfore that guy is morally reprehensible in other ways. There's another term for it: religious bigotry.

There are Zen teachers- both historic and current- express the Dharma laced with such words that Rock regularly uses. "What is Buddha" in one koan is answered by "Dried shit on a stick," with all that sentence implies.

Finally, it's odd of FOTF and their pro-life friends to think that people actually originate pregnancies with the thought of "It's OK, I'll just abort." It's about the same degree of ignorance and hatred that is expressed as that towards poor people who "have children just to get another welfare check."

However, that said, in their backhanded way, I actually, for once, agree with some of what this article says; Rock is doing a great service by reminding people to take care of their kids.

Also that said, FOTF is wrong to use this as an excuse to rail against abortion rights. Freedom of conscience is an important thing.

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