Monday, March 21, 2005

While everyone in America's pondering the fate of "Terri"

Japan had a huge earthquake in Kyushu...

FUKUOKA -- A strong earthquake jolted northern Kyushu on Sunday morning, leaving at least one person dead and 400 injured.

The quake, which measured a preliminary magnitude of 7.0, brought railways across most of the region to a halt, crippled essential utilities and disrupted telephone services.

In the city of Fukuoka, Mitsue Itoyama, 75, who was trapped by a collapsing wall later died in a hospital. Two other women, aged 56 and 83, were unconscious and in critical condition, Fukuoka police said.

More than 400 people received treatment at hospitals in Fukuoka Prefecture alone, including at least 15 with fractures and other serious injuries. Some 780 people took refuge at facilities in Fukuoka city.

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