Monday, March 07, 2005

Fear and loathing in the rightie blogosphere over N. Korea...

Speaking of Hugh Hewitt, apparently he was in a snit over a LA Times column on N. Korea not being sufficiently rabid.

As I've noted, the N. Koreans leaders are loony. They've much blood on their hands too; too, no doubt about that. But what's the point of criticizing someone over their lack of vitriol?

The author of the article answered some questions for Hewitt on his blog. Clearly the author knows that N. Korea's leaders have committed monstrosities; her article never implied otherwise.

I too found the N. Korean guy in that article to be well, just like your typical Stalinist diplomat; what do you expect them to say?

What Hewitt wants apparently is more bias in the news, and less journalism.

Hewitt's got some fans baying about it, (I liked this blogger's obligatory swipe at the Clenis TM). One blogger said, "The left has no force or fervor in the war against communism. Why?"

The center and left do opppose North Koreans' horrors; such red-baiting notwithstanding. But we don't bay like dogs over the horrors of Kim Il Sung, because it does nothing substantitve to actually oppose him.

Notice as you read Hewitt's post, and his replies, the degree of fear, the degree of hatred and the degree of anger present in those posts.

And why?

Because the author of an article herself did not display enough fear, hatred, and anger for their tastes...

Strange, isn't it?

No, not really: hatred and fear inhibit the ability to think clearly...the right needs to demonize enemies (much like fascists demonized theirs) precisely to keep people from independent thought...

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