Thursday, March 17, 2005

But Ms. Maglalang....


Isn't it honoring the dignity of the students to try, as much as possible, to make sure they don't get dead?

BTW, Malkin writes:

The school's principal, Susan Derse, used to work at Garfield High, where she sent letters to every student's family after alleged hate crimes occurred there: "I did send a letter home to all of my families and to all of my students basically saying in light of Dr. King, we need to take particular attention to some few misguided students who act counter to our school ethics." I hope she will now send out letters defending the honor of U.S. soliders and disassociating herself from the behavior of the students involved in the current controversy.
Those "alleged" acts, according to her link involve:

...three acts of hate -- including hanging nooses and putting Swastika's [sic] in her classroom.

When Carol Ross got to her classroom last November, she found: "a ferret with a nail through its head hanging from our storage loft." Just to the left of the ferret, swastikas were drawn on the wall. Two weeks later, she found a black noose hanging from the wall


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