Sunday, March 27, 2011

And speaking of the absurdity of categorizing East and West

This guy is slated to speak at the Buddhist Geeks conference. Obviously he's of Asian heritage. But listen to what he says when he opens his mouth...

I could write a whole series blog posts about the myriad issues associated with this,  but to be concise I would hardly say that I would expect this young man to be a "leading" teacher and/or thinker, since I have not heard or seen  or read any "leading" thoughts or teachings.

But my real point in mentioning Mr. Gunatillake is just to point out - even in the UK - how ridiculous it is to split the world into these Eastern or Western or ethnically based categories.


Kyle Lovett said...

Oddly enough they rejected my offer to speak about farting and Buddhism. LOL Meh, until I saw your post, I forgot I still had that banner on my page. Not anymore. :-)

Mumon said...


I mean nothing at all against the guy personally; its just that I'm not sure there's really too much in the saving all beings department in a lecture about what "Buddhism" "needs" to "do."