Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I haven't been here much posting here for the last few days,  evidently because, as is often the case with life, occasionally there's enough to process in the real world that there's little space left for virtual discourses.  

Like everyone else, there are times when the life koan must be practiced.  Even now, I find it difficult to continue adding words to this post, but I think maybe that's OK.  Practice is often hard work - seriously hard work. 

Lots of things are coloring this mood in which I find myself.  There's the week-long jet lag I inevitably get in some form after returning from Asia.  There are the weird events of the Middle East and Wisconsin, and  there's weird late winter Northwest winter (we had incredibly mild weather until last week, when I arrived back from Japan, at which point...it sort of lapsed into late December-like weather). There's strange coincidence of so many people around me falling ill with cold or flu (will I get it? Or will I miss it- again?)  There's a possible  re-org or something at work - the future should be good for me,  but...but...I have been around the block too many times to take anything for granted here.

It's  a strange inflection point time; there are many mistakes that everyone I know, including myself have made and will continue to make.  Maybe it's always been this way,  is this way now, and will always continue to be this way; I just have been blissfully unaware of it until now.  Maybe when spring comes and the flowers bloom the whole earth will still be in flux and inflection and revolution and all those around me will continue to age amidst the turbulence.  Barbara's got good advice here.  But it still means that what I said above is so, so true: Practice is often hard work - seriously hard work.  May we screw up as harmlessly as we can.

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