Monday, March 07, 2011

Spring! It's coming!

And just in time.  Time to deepen practice.  It's especially good for this progressive, suburban, Zen  - well, I'm not a hipster in any sense (to paraphrase one of my commenters); I'm just perfecting a practice.   All the people I ever knew were "hipsters" were, um...not what anyone else would call a hipster.  Although a friend from high school once met Patti Smith on a  NYC subway train.  Does that count?

Anyway, a bit more practice is in order.


Perezoso said...
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J said...

Having met a few gurus, I say.....fuck them. Scuzi the honesty, but that's the way it is. It's a swindle. Now, if he has a black belt in tae kwon do, aikido, judo etc. and uses a bit of zen or whatever along with his physical training-- he may be deserving of respect (as one gent I met years ago did). But the usual chubby bay area or LA WASP boodhist tends to be a clever perv usually--the asians not much different.

Not philosophers either--peruse the old debates between Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley. Russell, not a perfect human, nonetheless ripped up Huxley the mystic.

Can the mystic prove that his experience valid? No. At best he says, I saw something, feel pleasant, enlightened etc. Sunday schoolers say the same. As does the aikido master. When guru levitates ...then maybe take him seriously.

Mumon said...


You don't seem to understand what Buddhists actually do: practice.

J said...

You don't seem to understand Lord Russell's point--i., all mystics (christian, buddhist muslim or otherwise) are the same insofar that their "experiences" , assuming they have one, are private, and not proof of a transcendent realm, or "buddhism"itself (how do we know they're not lying?)

Now, I don't doubt that some people feel pleasant after meditation--or have mystical experiences of a sort. Others feel pleasant after listening to Debussy. Or exercise, or a nice dinner. Or finishing up the 15 minutes with wifeystein.

Gurus are more or lesss preachers (or priests, perhaps, with the scholarly sorts)--they just happen to come from japan (china india, etc).