Friday, March 18, 2011


Via a tweet from the usually quite interesting C4Chaos,  I became apprised of "Ken Wilber's Message to Japan."  I tweeted back, "ウーイバルさんは自覚がじゃない。 絶対に無し。" OK, I should have written ""ウーイルバル." I was in a hurry. 

What I said was basically: Wilber lacks self-awareness. Absolutely none.  Why did I say that? Well...

As one attempts to live an Integral Life, there are always ups and downs in the process. To have an Integral awareness means that you have a higher, wider, deeper awareness, with more perspectives and more care and more concern and more love. So even when difficult times arise, it's important to keep the heart and mind open and wide and embracing.

This goes for the troubles in Fukushima prefecture. The potentially devastating nature of these problems has a tendency to make one close one's eyes, narrow one's awareness, push the whole thing out of mind. But that's exactly what we shouldn't do. Instead of closing down, we need to open up, to keep heart and mind wide open even under these frightening circumstances. A steady, calm Witnessing in the midst of turmoil keeps one directly related to Spirit, as Spirit, and anchors one in what really matters and what is ultimately Real. That way, the surface phenomena can continue to simply come and go as they will, but you remain anchored in the unchanging Source and Ground and real Self of it all.

I'm happy his thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan,  though  I think the average Japanese person's response to his post, if they knew about it, would be "Is that so?" or something perhaps somewhat less polite, despite what you might have heard about legendary Japanese politeness.  Some folks I know, if prodded, over sake, would say "馬鹿野郎、”  their rough equivalent of "asshole."

Look, there's thousands of homeless elderly folk and people of all ages without water, in many cases without homes, rightfully concerned if not scared about what their government may be not telling them, and the last thing they need right now is a reminder to have "steady calm Witnessing."    Can you imagine if you told anyone in that situation that? To their face? It's almost an insult as I see it; it completely disconfirms the immediate situation in which they find themselves.  Anybody who would say that has a complete lack of awareness of the immediate gravity of the situation. The "steady calm Witnessing" in such cases is nonsense; the best you can hope for is "steady, mindful grieving."

In Kapleau's book "The Three Pillars of Zen" he relates a story about a Zen master crying at a funeral.  He's asked why he's crying, and he replies, if he didn't cry at times like this, when should he cry?

That's why I tweeted back what I did.

Geez, I shouldn't need to write these things.  I am very grateful to C4Chaos for his tweet though, but I ask all to please understand the real human dynamics of what's happening now, and to help any real way they can.


An interesting comparision: Read what Wilber wrote and then read what Jake Adelstein's saying about the Yakuza. Fascinating.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can help me, Mumon. Did you have anything further to say about the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in your blog than you did here:

[b]Case 12 Zuigan Calls His Master [/b]
Zuigan Gen Oshõ called to himself every day, "Master!" and answered, "Yes, sir!"
Then he would say, "Be wide awake!" and answer, "Yes, sir!"
"Henceforward, never be deceived by others!" "No, I won't!"
[b]Mumon's Comment[/b]
Old Zuigan buys and sells himself. He takes out a lot of god-masks and devil-masks and puts them on and plays with them.
What for, eh?
One calling and the other answering; one wide awake, the other saying he will never be deceived.
If you stick to any of them, you will be a failure.
If you imitate Zuigan, you will play the fox.
[b]Mumon's Verse[/b]
Clinging to the deluded way of consciousness,
Students of the Way do not realize truth.
The seed of birth and death through endless eons:
The fool calls it the true original self.