Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wow. I am humbled and honored beyond words.

I often rail - or maybe it's whine? -  against celebrity Buddhism and seemingly shallow responses of Western Buddhists to what are really huge catastrophes profoundly affecting other people's lives. But these recent events in Japan, and the responses of those around me have been profound.

People I haven't communicated with in years are reaching out to me and vice versa.

The Chinese community here where I live is eager to help any way they can.

It seems that this horrible crisis has brought many people together; it has awakened some people from their slumber; it has made some people aware of what matters.

Truly it seems

When the great Tao is lost spring forth benevolence and righteousness.
When wisdom and sagacity arise, there are great hypocrites.
When family relations are no longer harmonious, we have filial children and devoted parents.
When a nation is in confusion and disorder, patriots are recognized.
Where Tao is, equilibrium is. When Tao is lost, out come all the differences of things.

 So for now it's OK for folks to rail against nuclear power, or join the latest cause, or whatever.  There are people who care, in their own crazy flawed way about what matters.

Just like me.


I've added Jake Adelstein's site to my blog roll. It's not explicitly Buddhist,  per se, but it's a great window into a Japan that is more realistic than you might ordinarily get, even if it's a different Japan than I experience.

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