Thursday, November 17, 2005

The blogs did it.

That seems to be a current narrative by the MSM on the David Ludwig/Kara Beth Borden/parents killed over dating story.

David Ludwig likes "traveling, eating candy, spending money and pulling stupid pranks." His expertise is computers, movies, volleyball and "getting in trouble."
One Web blog features his photo -- pensive and handsome -- and images of his laptop, along with the "loverly quest" of the laptop's purchase. He ends with lyrics to a Christian rock song.

On his other blog, he's posted 79 photos -- many are close-ups of himself. Others are pictures of friends and two dead deer from a hunt last year.
This is personal. And I haven't even touched on the Web page of his girlfriend -- Interests: "JESUS!! church, my youth group, family, friends, having parties OH YEAH BABY."
Nor have I addressed the range of comments now raging on his message boards. (Her blog has been shut down.) The blogosphere chatterers are focused on his recent actions, belief in God and whether home schooling and permissive parenting factored in. Some comments are just plain crude.
But there's scant understanding for the gravity of the situation, which is telling.
Ludwig, 18, Lititz, Pa., is being held in the shootings deaths of the parents of his girlfriend, Kara Beth Borden, 14. The two fled after the crime, or perhaps she was abducted. They were captured Monday in Hendricks County.
This could be just another grisly tragedy, senseless and sad, a mystery. But the fact that Ludwig and Borden, both home-schooled Christians, had blogs chock full of personal information adds a whole other dimension. News outlets, including The Star, have published the Internet addresses (his is

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