Monday, November 07, 2005

Jimmy Massey, Iraq, Malkin, and, you know, war crimes...

Michelle Maglalang is up in arms about one Jimmy Massey. I don't get a lot of what she gets her panties in a buch over, frankly. I mean, it's not like Maglalang ever served in Iraq.

So anyway, a web search of "the anti-war left's favorite smear artist" (I never heard of the guy, I guess I really am not so 'leftist')
turns up this link.

I'm not going to bother to track down every "false claim" made by Massey as swift-boated by Maglalang (although some of this stuff is admitted by Massey now); but of course her past makes her totally disreputable about such things. One might wonder, though if she'll be just as up in arms about the breaking story of America's use of WMDs on Iraqis. And yes, I think the way it was used, white phosphorous is indeed a WMD.

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