Saturday, November 26, 2005

The oddball catalogs post

One would have thought at the end of the dot-com boom that all the boutique e-tailers would have gone the way of the dinosaurs except for

But one would be wrong to think that... Here's a list of oddball catalogs I've found...and some of their products...

  • has some (overpriced) things like triops growing kits, carnivorous plant kits, and so forth. The Megazooka's intriguing though. I'm not sure about the Ninjas; anybody deploying this in an actual office deserves any reduction in force they might get.

  • Monastery Greetings- it's not just fruitcakes! You too can burn incense the Orthodox way, with their very own Orthodox censers.

  • Monastery Greetings, alas, does not sell liturgical vestments, but F.C. Ziegler and Company does! Now, Raoul Duke could have re-enacted his Las Vegas trip - if the dummy hadn't offed himself- in style. "Ideal for summer or as concelebration vestments. In easy to launder "Dupion" fabric 70% polyester / 30% viscose."

  • But, getting back to the geek riff, the summum bonum of geek outlets of course is the Edmund Scientifics. Everything's here; lasers, optics, what-not.

  • has all your alternative energy needs, except possibly rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

  • is where you go for wagashi, traditional Japanese cakes. Not for the budget minded. Including me, regrettably.

  • And, continuing the Japanese theme, has outrageously priced sake, some of which is available elsewhere, and especially in Japan for less. Still, if I had an infinite amount of money, I would be intrigued enough to sample some sake made in an igloo in Hokkaido, just to say I did that.

Needless to say, it's gift certificates all around this year again.

I don't have much time and patience for Christmas materialism.


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