Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'd rather know what his thesis is

Atrios, informed me -through Pharyngula- of this cosmic blogospheric catfight between Paul Deignan and BitchPhD.

Me, I'd rather know what Mr. Deignan is actually studying for his doctoral thesis than get involved with nonsense like this.

I'm curious- is Mr. Deignan a real information theorist, or is he a Dembski wannabe?

Yeah, not much interest in blogging today. But look at all them links! I can make Haloscan go wild...

Update: Deignan's work is indeed here.

In perusing his thesis, it turns out there is - oddly enough - some relation to my thesis ("A Contribution to Robust Detection and Estimation in Dependent Noise," Polytechnic University, 1993) as well as Lomp's earlier thesis, although his is more information theoretical but I haven't seen yet the right degree of mathematical rigor, to be frank, in particular rigorous arguments related to convergence of parameter estimates derived via stochastic approximation.

He'd do well to read Billingsley- at least Dembski walked by that book.

Maybe it's in their somewhere, but frankly, I'm busy...

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