Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Locally, Clark County WA heads moderate/progressive

Here in this 'burb of Portland, OR, the forces of reason have prevailed in local elections: I had mentioned previously "LifePac," [sic] which advocated "intellegent design," defunding libraries, and extremist candidates.

They were smacked down!

Tom Mielke, (who took money from check cashing services, and I believe, gaming companies from what I gleaned from searching around here) got trounced.

The library issues passed swimingly- needed 60% to pass, we only got 57% or so. Correction thanks to Richard Bennett & Deepak. I'd have corrected it earlier but just didn't have the time or attention span or both.)


And statewide, further attempts to curb the right of Washington State residents to seek relief in courts through malpractice caps was soundly smacked down.

Very cool.

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