Thursday, November 17, 2005

Reminds me of the Monkees or the Archies

What is it about the corporate types at some places that think they can dictate what art is, or, more specifically for this post, what "youth" will adopt as their anthems? I mean how many times does this lesson have to be learned?

Well evidently one more time, because, as we learn from Think Progress, some site called "" is now shilling an evidently-astroturf band called "The Right Brothers."

According to "Right March" (?)

The youth in America are being LIED to by liberal politicians and the mainstream media... but we've come up with a GREAT way to get the TRUTH to them: MUSIC. The Right Brothers, a conservative music duo out of Nashville, has released a new song that does what needed to be done: it tells the TRUTH. Titled Bush Was Right, the song hits the listener with fact after fact after fact - but the tune is so catchy, and the music is so driving, you can't help but sing along (especially on the chorus)! Will YOU help us to get this song in front of American youth?

I don't even know where to begin with that, after the Bob Woodward/Judy Miller/Plamegate/No WMDs, meltdown. I don't even know which liberal politicians were "wrong" about Iraq, except if you include those "liberals" who supported Bush.

I can't imagine that the "youth of America" would listen to this dreck (at 99 cents a pop), when David Rovics is more passionate, genuine, and his music is, uh, free dudes.

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