Friday, November 18, 2005

My next big fat market prediction...

I'm seeing the C-SPAN debate on the Iraq resolution, after watching the Nightly Business Report on PBS.

It's manifestly obvious to me - with Republicans speaking out on behalf of John Murtha- that the center will not - repeat will not- hold on maintaining the ridiculous status quo in Iraq.

The only choice that the Repubs have is to actually follow something like what Murtha is saying.

And that means:
  • Less budget busting for the hidden Iraq expenditures.
  • Less defense spending overall
  • And therefore the stock market will start to rise again.
There's a lot of ifs and risks involved of course; another terrorist act, delays in this, but it appears, that like Harriet Miers, the Bush regime is going to cave on this. You heard it here first. Forty Five per cent - that's 45%- of Iraqis polled support attacks against American troops. They don't want us there. Americans don't want us there.

And this can only mean that American money can go back into the private sector.

Yes, it's probably time to put some money back into the DOW or S&P.

But avoid GM.

You heard it here first.

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