Thursday, November 10, 2005

Like Jeff Gannon, but she's actually had a journalist career, which makes this post veer off in a strange direction

I do wonder for whom Judy Miller is writing. It can't be for me; the only currency Judy Miller actually had - like "Jeff Gannon," (except his coin was always devalued) was valued by her proximity to real information. Nowadays, any blogger can put apples and oranges together to get apanges or orpples. Including me.

Blogging, as I was tempted to comment on Paul Deignan's site, can quickly descend into narcissism if you're not careful. Opinions are just that, and whenever there are moral paradoxes, it's not wise to assert absolutism.

So while I'm on the subject of Deignan, the above linked post says stuff like:

The author seems concerned with personal feelings, but I am concerned with information and its aggregate consequences.


Oh well, can't control everything (which makes info theory critical to these systems).

Also, if you are in this field of system identification, information theory, datamining, system theory, controls, etc., may I call your attention to my research? Information-theoretic system identification has proven to have great potential in application across many fields and the results have been very good. Papers are available by links via my profile.

The last bit of course was what Deignan should be thinking about.

But I think - now that I'm more familiar with his CV- that he's got a lot of work to do.

The link between information theory and system identification was established a long, long time ago; it's why voice coders work for starters.

I can understand why he doesn't blog much about his research - it's his baby; just like I don't blog at all about what I'm doing currently (but, I guarantee you it's cooler than what Deignan's doing- cooler than anything I've done in years). It's not in control theory per se, but comm/information theory. And that's why I'm busy at the moment at work- and there isn't that much blogging from here...

But on the other hand, one shouldn't tout specialized knowledge as authoritave on matters that strictly don't concern it, and maybe it's not intended, but that's the flavor I get from some of the stuff on his blog.

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