Thursday, February 03, 2005

The inevitable State of the Union and Reply Post

I haven't seen yet any newspaper review of the SOTU yet. I haven't read any other blog yet. (I will however, go off & get a copy of said address, as there are specific lies that need to be pointed out.) My impressions:

  • I was shocked that Bush had the audacity to lie about Social Security to the extent that he did - and there's really no other thing to call it, given the massive amount of coverage this issue has already had. This should be impeachable, but of course, it won't be, because of the Republican stooges in Congress. For example: "So here is the result: Thirteen years from now, in 2018, Social Security will be paying out more than it takes in. And every year afterward will bring a new shortfall, bigger than the year before. For example, in the year 2027, the government will somehow have to come up with an extra $200 billion to keep the system afloat, and by 2033, the annual shortfall would be more than $300 billion." Now no economist is saying the government will "in the year 2027, the government will somehow have to come up with an extra $200 billion to keep the system afloat." Anybody who's been following this sees this sentence as the this year's yellow-cake sentence.

  • The response to the lies on Social Security- the audible booing- was unprecedented in modern times. Really, there simply is no precedent for it. It speaks to the fact that finally the Democrats get it.

  • George W. Bush's religious bigotry was on display last night:
    Our second great responsibility to our children and grandchildren is to honor and to pass along the values that sustain a free society. So many of my generation, after a long journey, have come home to family and faith, and are determined to bring up responsible, moral children. Government is not the source of these values, but government should never undermine them.

    Because marriage is a sacred institution and the foundation of society, it should not be redefined by activist judges. For the good of families, children and society, I support a constitutional amendment to protect the institution of marriage.

  • Bush started out the speech with a sublte lie:"My budget substantially reduces or eliminates more than 150 government programs that are not getting results, or duplicate current efforts, or do not fulfill essential priorities. The principle here is clear: Taxpayer dollars must be spent wisely, or not at all." In other words, a program can be getting results, not duplicating current efforts, but, because Bush decides, oh, say, not protecting cargo is an "essential" priority, boom! - the terrorists will have won.

  • The most cynical ploy was parading the parents who'd lost a son in Iraq. It was shameful, and spoke to this man's concept of a "culture of life."

  • The Democratic Response was only slightly better than usual. Harry Reid should have gotten a bit more emotional, as should have Pelosi. Both though were informed.

Update: After re-reading Atrios from yesterday and updates today... it looks like:

  • Bush actually lied about the details of his "plan," and

  • Bush's actual "plan" looks as complex as Hilary's health care plan.

Update Number 2:

(Via Atrios again) The Rude Pundit, rudely of course, gets it dead on, spot on, correct.

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