Friday, April 15, 2005

Joe Carter Jumps the Shark

It's going to be a banner day for blogging I see. Joe Carter writes today (emphasis added):

God, of course, doesn’t have to listen to his voice mail messages, return missed cell phone calls, answer email inquiries, delete trackback spam, write blog posts, and update his PDA. Sure, he has to listen to prayers. But since prayers can’t be sent by IM or text messaging how many people really take the time to pray?

Certainly not us Christians. Ironically, we consider it peculiar that followers of Islam stop five times a day to offer prayers to Allah yet we stop five times an hour to pay homage to our email. We contend that Islam is a false religion but what is it that we are worshipping?

I don't contend that Islam is a "false religion;" that is the religious equivalent of calling an African-American a n*&%(r. I don't call Evangelical Christianity a "false religion" even though many adherents in positions of power practice it in such a way that it increases harm to society. One wonders if Carter is enough of a bigot to call Judaism a "false religion."

Remember, folks, if Frist and company have their way, they're going to be calling your religion "false" ...and then they'll call you false.

Although Carter's bright enough to see that James Dobson's KKK remarks deserve a smackdown, one really wonders why he doesn't put 2 and 2 together when it comes to religious issues like this. Does Carter really not know about "Christian" websites like this one?

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