Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tom DeLay and the politics of morality

The blogosphere is abuzz today over 2 new breaking scandals involving Tom DeLay. (Atrios has 'em here and here.)

This is just the latest in several ongoing scandals and investigations involving DeLay.

DeLay, though has been in high dudgeon over his previous scandals, pleading "persecution" to the Family Research Council.

Now by now it's obvious that groups like Family Resarch Council, and Focus on the Family are more concerned with propping up Republicans, no matter how morally bankrupt, as long as they're PC with their "pro-life" policy than they are with maintaining a consistent moral stance.

From my Buddhist perspective, this is tragic, as the amount of suffering they are creating is greater than there would be otherwise. We just don't know much money is being funnelled to special interests that could actually help people.

Hopefully, after the Pope's funeral this will get bigger play in the media.

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