Friday, April 15, 2005

Utter Demagoguery

It's not everyday I wake up in the morning and immediately find a good topic to blog about, but this morning- before I've had my first sip of coffee this caught my eye:


WASHINGTON, April 14 - As the Senate heads toward a showdown over the rules governing judicial confirmations, Senator Bill Frist, the majority leader, has agreed to join a handful of prominent Christian conservatives in a telecast portraying Democrats as "against people of faith" for blocking President Bush's nominees.

Fliers for the telecast, organized by the Family Research Council and scheduled to originate at a Kentucky megachurch the evening of April 24, call the day "Justice Sunday" and depict a young man holding a Bible in one hand and a gavel in the other. The flier does not name participants, but under the heading "the filibuster against people of faith," it reads: "The filibuster was once abused to protect racial bias, and it is now being used against people of faith."

Organizers say they hope to reach more than a million people by distributing the telecast to churches around the country, over the Internet and over Christian television and radio networks and stations.

Dr. Frist's spokesman said the senator's speech in the telecast would reflect his previous remarks on judicial appointments. In the past he has consistently balanced a determination "not to yield" on the president's nominees with appeals to the Democrats for compromise. He has distanced himself from the statements of others like the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, who have attacked the courts, saying they are too liberal, "run amok" or are hostile to Christianity.

It is, of course, Frist and the Family Research Council that are actually "hostile to people of faith," for example, people who have my religion.

It is Frist and the Family Research Council that want "people of faith" to forget about justice for the imprisioned, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and infirm, and all of the other things that don't have to do with fetuses and people who are already dead that more enlightened socieities than ours do as a matter of course.

Frist needs a response.

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