Saturday, March 25, 2006

Calling a bit of BS on the left...

The Domenech affair has illustrated the way many on the right are delusional to the point of sticking to narrative long after it's proven false.

I haven't searched through comments on Domenech's "contrition" post, but 2 quick points are in order:

  • OK, you said you're sorry, as I tell my 4 year old. How can you make people forget? Yeah, Atrios suggested the Army, but the point is still: How do we know what we'd be getting from you is the truth anyway?

  • To Domenech's great credit or distress, he has not behaved the way Guckert/Gannon did, and has, in fact, owned up to his theft.

Which atually is a sort of segue into the main topic of this post: We know there's BS on the right to the point of lies being slung with more aplomb than a short order cook slinging hash in a Long Island diner. But there's indeed BS on the left too. I'll mention 2 points:

1. If I hear Randi Rhodes say one more time we need "divided government" -Republicans being checked in power by the Dems having at least one branch of government- I'm going to send her a cease and desist order. No, Randi, I want the Republican Party as we know it- with incompetence, law-breaking, disregard for civil liberties, impoverishment of the middle class, playing footsie with the possibility of nuclear war, pissing off our allies, insouciance at the deterioration of our public health systems at a time when pandemics are more than a remote possibility, the destruction of the enviroment- I want to see that Republican Party marginalized, out of power, and relegated to the ash heap of history, where it belongs with the Stalin-Brezhnev Communists. It's simple BS to imply anyone who is passionate about living and breathing and prospering in a free society would want anything less.

2. Some of us who post on Kos are indeed far left. We're certainly far left relative to the regime in charge at the moment. We're probably not very far away from our positions on the issues. But when a WaPo calls Kos a far left voice, it's not entirely false: the writing I have done above looks really far left relative to the Washington beltway culture where George Will, he who was associated with the campaign involved in the Carter debate plan theft in 1980, is considered high society. Yeah, Markos is strong on defense. So am I, in a Sun-Tzu, von Clausewitz sense. But is Cindy Sheehan and most of her followers? Most of the folks who went to the anti-war demos lately? I dunno. So yeah, Kos gives voice to the far left. And what, pray tell is wrong with that? If far right is bullshit, I'll go in the opposite direction of bullshit anyday.

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