Monday, March 27, 2006

Something must be said about the immigrants...

Don't know if the link'll be there forever, but this link needs a response from Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: Folks, I've got to tell you my first thought when I saw all these protest marchers, 500,000 people in Los Angeles. They're all over the place down in the Southwest, Phoenix and so forth, and I look at this: 500,000 people protesting an act of Congress, a piece of legislation, and I'm thinking, "My gosh! How jealous must the anti-war movement be? They had the third anniversary of the Iraq war last weekend and they were hoping to fill the streets with anti-war Americans, and they could barely get a little trickle of people to show up."

Maybe the combined total nationwide -- What was it? -- was twenty-five thousand, max, if we can believe those numbers. But here this thing just caught everybody by surprise, a lot of people by surprise. Five-hundred thousand people in Los Angeles alone, and when you read some of the quotes of some of these protesters -- and I've done a lot of research I've been doing today to put all this in perspective for you and to share with you my thoughts on it. I'll get yours as well. Actually you know what you could say? That these protesters are doing the protesting that Americans will not do anymore. That's what I would say to the anti-war movement.

They're just doing the protesting Americans refuse to do anymore. There are just some protests that America consider beneath them and apparently anti-war protests are beneath Americans. You can't get enough them out there, so here come illegals showing up taking up that slack, proving once again their worth to the overall American political and cultural system. Iif you listen to some of these quotes from these people, talking about how they "made this country;" they're "the backbone of this country." They're not the backbone of the country. What you really have going on here is a bunch of criminals that are protesting the law, in that sense, if you look at it in that perspective.

I'm sure not all of them, but that's what's driving all of this. Can you imagine...? I mean, here you have basically they're trying to make themselves out to be legal, but this is an insult to people who have gone through the process of emigrating here legally -- and I just wonder, I just wonder when I look at this, when you see these pictures, you see video of protests with more Mexican flags than American flags. Did you notice that, Mr. Snerdley? I wonder how these guys in Congress who are putting together this Senate judiciary committee and are going to work waaaay into the night to get the big recess coming up, gotta get this bill done, working way, waaaay into the night to get this new immigration bill that we're working on passed.

I can never get further than this in Rush Limbaugh- it's not like he's Leonard Cohen interviewing Rebecca deMornay when he was madly in love with her and even Tom Cruise couldn't get in her pants...

But I had told a conservative colleague that 1/2 of what Limbaugh says is outright lies. I got this far. Started counting protesters against the war from recent demos (10K in Portland OR alone)... too many lies... and I realized that this needs to be said: Rush Limbaugh hates America. He hates the fact that most PhD engineers are foreign born and his "solution" is to ban them to make other countries stronger. He has no clue what it's like to call the Shanghai US consulate at 11:30pm at night and harrangue them about going to the media because they didn't allow a poor old woman who couldn't speak a stitch of Mandarin to come over to the US to see her grandson. On the other hand, I do.

Rush Limbaugh has no idea why 1/2 million people rallied over the nonsensical immigration laws, and I barely do, but from what I do know, that guy ought to try to find refuge in a country like, say, Venezuela, and see how far it gets him, and if it were to get him far, to see how truly nasty his side is.

And I mean that in the nicest possible way...

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