Friday, March 17, 2006

"We never really liked Bush"

Avarosis informs that this is the meme that is starting to make its rounds in the media, starting of course with the Wasington Post:

What Bush is facing now, beyond just election-year jitters by legislators eyeing his depressed approval ratings, is a rebellion that has been brewing since the days when he looked invincible, say many lawmakers and strategists. Newly unleashed grievances could signal even bigger problems for Bush's last two years in office, as he would be forced to abandon a governing strategy that until recently counted on solid support from congressional Republicans.

The White House at times has been "non-responsive and arrogant," said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.). "There are a thousand small cuts," he added, that are ignored when things are going well but "rear their heads when things are not going well."

"Members felt they were willing to take a lot of tough votes and did not get much in return," said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), an early critic of the port deal.

Congressional scholar Norman J. Ornstein has written that the recently vented anger, after being suppressed for years out of loyalty or fear, might be seen in psychological terms. He called the condition "battered-Congress syndrome."

"Battered Congress syndrome?" Come November, both '06 and '08, what voter is not going to say "the b*&*^& deserved it!" and vote them out of office?

Nobody's going to vote for these clowns at this rate; their defense is they were afraid to take on Bush?

And...some Republicans really are asking for a "seasoned Republican" veteran to hold Bush's little ittle hand...but Fred Thompson?

Update: it seems Peggy Noonan's aboard the "we never really liked Bush" bus, using arguments near and dear to every Marxist-Lenninst since the early '90s: Communism Conservativsm really hasn't been tried yet...

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