Thursday, March 30, 2006

I predicted it ! Or at least pretty closely...

My comment on Kos when the Domenech affair was breaking:

The Washington Post deliberately hired a blogger who would pretend to be right-wing but they knew he would be discredited by plagiarism charges, so they could discredit the right wing.

Mat Stoller over at MyDD notes this bit in the New Republic:

Domenech deserved to be let go; but in the course of celebrating his demise, liberals have missed the real lesson of this entire episode. Instead of hiring a conservative, the Post hired a caricature of one; Domenech's blog would have been less a product of red America and more a product of what blue America understands red America to be. More than anything else, the sad saga of Ben Domenech reveals just how simplistic blue-state elites have become in their understanding of American conservatism.
Conservatism is snake-oil; much of soon-to-formerly-be "Red America" understands that.

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