Friday, March 10, 2006

Thanks for the nomination....

Globe trotting as I was, I wasn't even aware that this blog was nominated for a Blogisattva Award - but didn't win...("Best Achievement in Addressing Public or Political Issues"). I'm glad WoodMoor Village won.

Someone on another blog complimented one of my posts dealing with Buddhism, but had said that unfortunately there was more political content on this blog than Buddhist content. I don't see them as separated, although I'm not advocating a Buddhist-inspired takeover of the government.

I do this blog primarily not to be part of a swarm, but to keep a record of things that have happened that easily go down the memory hole; things that when I bring them up with others usually draw blank stares.

However, as a Buddhist, I do this, and so there's Buddhist things like this as well- for example marriage and parent practice (which is also covered very well at Woodmore Village). But as I've also said in the past, so much of practice is interior, it's just very difficult to write about.

There are some Buddhist issues, and I should have discussed them, but I examine one here: the local Buddhist Peace Fellowship Chapter is having serious issues with Tricycle's Change Your Mind Day, because of a dead cult leader.

And I can't blame 'em.

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