Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another day, another bizarre right-wing group.

On Media Matters, there's a reference to a "baseless" charge about Americans' polling w.r.t. illegal aliens, made by "Mothers Against Illegal Aliens," when someone (maybe the only one?) from their group appeared on "Hannity & Colmes,

Well, I can understand, even if I disagree somewhat with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

But illegal aliens?

This will undoubtedly be picked up by the Sadly No! or Ed Braytons, but I gotta record this one:

The mission of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens (MAIA)
is to protect the LEGAL American Children.

The Mission of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens – (MAIA) is to bring awareness to and educate the LEGAL American Mothers and families whose children are the silent victims of this Invasion of Illegal Aliens into the USA.

To be the VOICE and PROTECTOR of the LEGAL CHILDREN who are unable to protect their future.

To be the VOICE for the LEGAL CHILDREN and VICTIMS who have been harmed by the activity of illegal aliens in the USA.

To Unite in solidarity Legal Mothers and families together to make it possible for, America’s Children to, once again - be the future of America.

Our beautiful Nation has been turned into a jungle by the mass invasion of illegal aliens - the streets of America; the neighborhoods and communities where we live; the malls and stores where we shop; the schools where our LEGAL children attend - and yes, even the churches where we worship - are now the Citadels of fear, bigotry, racism, physical danger and hate! The LEGAL children of America’s 21st century have become the scapegoats and the victims of this invasion of illegal aliens. They have become - the get behind, the left behind, the back of the class, the back of the bus, the get off the playground, the get out of my way - pawns and victims of peer abuse and societal indifference.

As Americans, most of us have come from other countries, as many of our grandparents struggled and went through the Legal process to become a Legal American.
What we have in America presently is not Legal Entry into America, we have millions of people entering ILLEGALLY! The Illegal Aliens need to follow the law that our ancestors did, and if they want to become American citizens, let them do it the Legal way.
It is Critical to the future of our country that our borders are protected and illegal aliens are stopped from flooding our Nation.

Do we have to take this anymore???

No we do not !!!


Our FULL Mission Statement

We live, in this 21st century jungle – we, the Legal Americans, find ourselves in love with loving our children more than we can ever recall that which was shown to us as children.

While we the Legal Citizens of America watch this political game being played - and as we see first hand the destruction that it has and continues to cause - we lose sight of the fact that the pieces on the board are the faces of our Legal children - the Legal children of this Nation. They are the innocent victims of this Illegal Immigration war and in all of the battles fought thus far, we have forgotten them - to their detriment and to our failing. BUT NO MORE!!

The Legal American Children of America will no longer be scapegoated or abused or denied or trampled upon or forgotten……they will become the only reason and the sole reason and the first reason that the Mothers of America - Mothers Against Illegal Aliens USA - will do what only a Mother can do - and will do - for her child(ren)!!

For the Legal American Children of America, the DREAM IS STILL REAL!! For the Legal American Mothers & Fathers who love them - the DREAM MUST NOT DIE - IT MUST ALWAYS PREVAIL!!

It is not enough to remain content knowing that we have allowed “others” to use OUR CHILDREN as pawns and chess pieces in this struggle against Illegal Immigration, Unsecure Borders and Interior Enforcement. WE MUST not allow strangers to determine the future course of this Nation, and as such the future course of our Legal Children. That is our job as Legal Mothers - Fathers - Parents - and as a family. No stranger and no politician has any right to divide this Nation and all it possesses - and they have no right to expect that it is OK to estrange any American child in his/her own land!!

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens USA extends a “motherly” welcome to all the Mothers of America - whose love for their child(ren) is every bit as great as her love for this Nation. The Legal American Children should no longer be confined to limits set by Illegal Aliens or our Politicians - and they should no longer be shoved to the back of any line that the invaders, proponents and advocates have created to benefit their lawlessness.

Our Legal American Children - every legal child in America who is here LEGALLY - is special to many people, but to his/her Mother - our children - every child is the light in every Mother’s life - and the joy in her heart!!

Help Mothers Against Illegal Aliens USA remove our children as victims from this Political struggle. By joining Mothers Against Illegal Aliens USA - you can make a difference by sharing your story and your child’s experiences with the rest of America.

Please; together we can make it possible for America’s Children to once again - be the Children and the future of America.

  • Are they afraid of miscegenation?
  • Are they afraid their kids will be raped by illegal aliens?
  • Are the aware that children of illegal aliens are "Legal Americans?"
  • Just WTF is their beef?

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