Thursday, April 06, 2006

I think Dembski's acolytes are screwed...

William Dembski still hasn't retracted what is almost certainly slander against Eric Pianka.

Now, Dembski links to a statement from extremist governor of Texas Perry's press secretary, who apparently is pusing a "Pianka=Hitler" meme

Dembski left this bit out:

But to the academy, the message behind Pianka’s presentation is inconsequential. President David Marsh said the organization selects the DTS honoree based solely upon the individual’s credentials and contributions to science. He said TAS places no constraints on its speakers, nor will it ever.

“Whether or not we as a body agree with the statements that Dr. Pianka made in his presentation is irrelevant,” he said. “We are an academy of individuals, and as such, each is free to make his or her alignments.”...

Students at St. Edward’s University also got a look into Pianka’s philosophy Friday, when the professor accepted an invitation to share his talk with one of the university’s science classes. Pianka extended that invitation to the Gazette-Enterprise, where the publication made a digital recording of Pianka’s lecture. A full transcript of that lecture will be available on the newspaper’s Web site later this week.

Pianka told the classroom packed with silent listeners that decades of ignoring population control would lead to deadly effects — a fact he says is too late to change. Referencing the Biblical story of the Apocalypse, he revealed a slide depicting the “Four Horsemen” — war, famine, disease and death. If humanity doesn’t take steps to solve the problem of overpopulation, “the Four Horsemen will do it for us.”

Pianka went on to describe his vision of humanity’s crash and its aftermath.

“What I’m waiting for is the day you go to the supermarket and there are no Triscuits on the shelves,” Pianka warned the class, advising they begin packing a survival kit in preparation for the coming disaster. “We’re going to be hunters and gatherers again soon.”

The professor’s university Web site features an extensive list of items survivors will need when “civilization grinds to a halt.”

“When you’re out in the wilderness, you’re going to have to take things out with your hands,” Pianka said, telling students they’d best hone their survival skills.

While some have described Pianka’s words as hyperbole, the governor’s office’s distaste was plainspoken.

I can only hope that Pianka will indeed sue.

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