Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Living in times of scarcity...

I hope Richard Bennett is right, that like the Samurai pressuring feudal Japan to renounce the use of guns we can somehow renounce trends that leave to overpopulation. But still, while the right is projecting denial about Eric Pianka - no doubt for their own ends- the rest of us can see the effects in the tiny things around us, and may in fact provide some of Richard's hope unintentionally.

Take shower heads in gyms.

They recently replaced those in my gym to those things that emit a fine spray that uses less water; of course, when one is sweaty one wants to get clean, and one won't leave a shower until one is clean, and so all things being equal, one will inevitably spend more time in a shower with less flow than one with more flow. But one will probably use less water overall, and will undoubtedly spend more of one's life in the shower, thereby having less time overall to consume something else.

All in all, a win-win, if you plan for it.

So rage on, Dembski about Pianka and the trends he's illuminating; but my gym's shower head says otherwise.

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