Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ever get the sense that you can't make sense of text before you?

This is what I feel like I'm reading when I read this:

"Cross Country," John Edward's new show on WE, the Women's Entertainment network. Mr. Edward, a stage medium who used to channel spirits in the safety of a TV studio on his syndicated show "Crossing Over," is now adding the pathos of shows like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" by traveling to remote areas to commune with the survivors. ("Closure has no map," he says.)..."Queer Eye for the Dead Guy."...cable's Sci Fi Channel showed the debut of an even more down-market new series, "Psychic at Large," in which Char Margolis, a self-described "spiritual-intuitive," roams around in her car, using her special powers for fun and high jinks. Ms. Margolis may have an inside advantage: she looks a bit like Agnes Moorehead in her "Bewitched" days...She haggles for a used car by demanding $1,000 off the list price for every relative of the car lot manager she can intuit correctly. "Apple?" Ms. Margolis ventures. "Akbah. Very close!" the woman replies...Gail Porter, a Scottish-born celebrity/skeptic, and Chris Fleming, an even less famous "sensitive"... travel the country trying to make contact with dead celebrities like Bing Crosby and Rita Hayworth, but mostly turn breathless in dark basements while being filmed by an infrared camera...The spookiest element, however, is Ms. Porter, a former television presenter and nude model for men's magazines, who serves as a harbinger of celebrity derailed: drug abuse and eating disorders ravaged her health, and she now wears a head scarf because alopecia left her bald...

And Terri Schiavo...and John Edward...and Tom it because the rest of what is shown to people is such a steaming pile that they sort of kind of trust hucksters like Larry King?

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