Friday, April 07, 2006

Pianka speaks


and here.

Dembski sounding like Bill O'Reilly mixed with 1/10 part math major, and a dash of Steve Colbert not knowing he's a comedian, claims he was "scooped."

On another note, I seem to remember testifying opposite Hillis before the Texas State Board of Education regarding misrepresentations of the evidence for evolutionary theory in high school biology textbooks. It just seems we can’t see eye to eye on anything — first evolution and now Ebola.

No, Dembski, it's not a matter of opinion: either Pianka advocated genocide, as you claim he did, or he didn't. The latter hypothesis is consistent with what we've already seen.

It's rather a matter of slander, libel and defamation.

And it's a matter of sullying someone's good name.

Pianka has reported being harassed and getting death threats, so damages there are.

It's time the danger of folks like Dembski was addressed.

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