Tuesday, August 18, 2009

At the town hall: the decline of America?

It is a shame that there weren't more younger people there, but of those people that were there, they skewed older, and about 60% of them seemed skeptical of the plan.

Many were completely uninformed, repeating the worst nonsense they'd heard on talk radio.

People jeered when the moderator brought up the easily verified fact that people in industrialized countries have lower infant mortality and longer life spans than we do (in Canada, it's almost 1.5 years longer - and with our life span that is statistically significant, and no murder and violence do not account for such a disparity!)

And yes, the people peddling the offensive Nazi nonsense were there.

Update: I agree with Barney Frank. At least one somewhat distant relative of mine was killed by Nazis, and this comparison is indeed contemptible.

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