Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lankavatara Sutra Chapter 2, Section XIX

As usual from here...

Further, Mahāmati, according to the teaching of the Tathagatas of the past, present, and future, all things are unborn. Why? Because they have no [intrinsic] reality, being manifestations of Mind itself, and, Mahāmati, as they are not born of being and non-being, they are unborn. Mahāmati, all things are like the horns of the hare, horse, donkey, or camel, but the ignorant and simple-minded who are given up to their false and erroneous imaginations, discriminate things where they are not; therefore, all things are unborn. That all things are in their self-nature unborn, Mahāmati, belongs to the realm of self-realisation attained by noble wisdom, and does not belong essentially to the realm of dualistic discrimination cherished by the ignorant and simple-minded. The self-nature and the characteristic marks of body, property, and abode evolve when the Ālayavijñāna [store of conciousness/ideation] is conceived by the ignorant as grasping and grasped; and then they fall into a dualistic view of existence where they recognize its rise, abiding, and disappearance, cherishing the idea that all things are born and subject to discrimination as to being and non-being.

I added the word "intrinsic" here; as I think it clarifies things a bit.

Otherwise, I quoted this almost verbatim as it's somewhat self-explanatory.

The main thing is all the stuff you experience when you'd rather be doing something else is all Mind manifestations.

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