Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On my upcoming China trip, a side trip to Guangzhou?

I'll be traveling to China at the end of the week (Shenzhen), a city with a not-too-distinct history. Shenzhen's main claim to fame is that it's across the border from Hong Kong, and it's a mecca of knock-off objects. But not really much to see. Maybe Hong Fa Si, but that's about it. And sometimes the local monks are said to behave in rather un-monk-like ways...

Since I'll be effectively incommunicado for the better part of a week - I'll be at a conference working insane hours, it won't be much of a problem.

Luckily, though, my schedule was inadvertently set up to have an extra day in China, and I realize that it's only about an hour to Guangzhou, where there's Guangxiao Temple (光孝寺). It's said to be a temple that Bodhidharma visited.

Then again there's other temples in the city, evidently

Hopefully I'll be able to visit that temple unless there's typhoons, crises, or ridiculous amounts of work involved after my meeting.

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