Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well, I finally succumbed to tech attachment.... now if I can only get someone else to pay for it

It occurred to me that with mobile data growing at over 38% per year (yes, in the worst recession since the Great Depression!), and given my current work, it behooved me to actually, you know, know what end users do with this stuff, so that I can, uh, invent better stuff.


So I bought the iPhone 3Gs; after T-Mobile gave me a runaround trying to get them to honor a $50 coupon.

I churned 'em, and it felt good. Number portability... another progressive idea.

The new iPhone does cut and paste; and other things.

Sorry Google; I'd have gone for your product, but I already have iTunes, and your choice of carrier was kind of jerky about letting long time customers stay.

And (so far) it's slightly cheaper, although the fact that we can't do Skype or the "Chinese Skype" (which isn't Skype & I forgot its name) is sort of secondary.

I can blog anywhere. I think.

Unless there's flash animations everywhere.

Update: It's kind of dumb that iTunes doesn't have netshare (an app for accessing the internet from your PC through your iPhone). All 3G phones in Japan have had this feature for years.

There's evidently a way to do this with the WLAN connection but you have to unlock your phone.

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