Friday, January 28, 2005

Atrios, cut the guy some slack, even if he is a war criminal...

I generally like Atrios, and think he's dead on most of the time.

This one, however, I've got to say, is too much.

Cheney visited Oswiecm. Cheney dressed warm (or maybe forgot to dress warm and was given air-force issue parka warm clothes.) Cheney did not dress as formally, in Atrios's opinion as others.

I'm willing to say Cheney's not an anti-Pole, anti-semite for the followng reasons:

1. Formal wear can be horrible at thermal protection.

2. Poland can be damned cold in the winter.

3. Cheney has a health condition.

I'd say the same thing about Clinton.


He should have probably been more etiquette concious- as one commenter pointed out, Poles are big on etiquette.

But, I still have to say, if given a choice between ditching etiquette or freezing, I'd do the former, still.

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