Sunday, January 23, 2005

Restaurant Review: Applebee's...

Nobody reviews restaurants on their blogs, especially, to my knowledge not Atrios or Kos or anybody like that. Not Hugh Hewitt. Not Instapundit. And so, maybe it's time - every now and then, for a restauarant review. And so few bloggers have reviewed restaurants from a viewpoint influenced by John Berger's Ways of Seeing and Dogen, so why not?

A lot of people probably eat at Applebee's, I suspect. It's one of those corporate owned restaurants that have lots of stuff on their walls. <>Does anyone know where they got the idea to start putting junk on their walls?<>

Applebee's walls are particilarly oddly junky; at least the one in Vancouver WA is where I ate thanks to a gift certificate. Its walls on walking in feature a memorial to a couple killed in a car accident, in collage against lots of sports stuff from the area. The couple's meaning or relation to this isn't obviously clear. Were they dining at an Applebee's prior to their demise? Did they quaff one too many at their neghborhood bar?

Inside the restaurant, more of the same stuff on walls: here's a street sign denoting "Hopalong Cassidy Lane," there's a Texas License plate, over there's a movie poster for the Wizard of Oz. Towards the men's room there's pictures of movie stars such as they might give out. In a NY or CA restaurant they'd be signed. Here they seem to say, "None of these people would get within 50 miles of this place." I have no idea why they're in the restaurant nor near the men's room.

Their men's room does not easily accomodate 3 year olds that like to try 'em out for a spin, as it were. But then most restaurants don't, really. I always thought the ADA should be used by small kids, who are far more discriminated against than handicapped people. OK, I didn't always think that, just since I had a kid, and only when the bathroom was really dirty.

I do know that Applebee's is a chain of restuarants that atttempts to appear local. They're traded on the NASDAQ.

The service? OK.

Oh, the food? You want to know about the food? Ah, OK...

They are nice enough to put their menu on line.

First of all, they have "Weight Watcher'sTM" menu items. Sorry, folks, "Eatin" right tastes far better at my place.

Ah, they make an OK to plus OK burger. Their spinach dip is a spinach dip. They Quesadilla's overly greasy with some unidentifiable grease taste.

I must be really jaded. Give me the oddly strange service and name but impeccable food of "Wong's King" any day.

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