Wednesday, January 12, 2005

James Dobson...when will the media get wise to him?

Hugh Hewitt gave a blurb on his blog to Dobson based on this article in US News & World Report.

What is odd about this article is the fact that both Hewitt and US News ...
  • Don't seem to know who David Barton is...(a "Christian America" "historian" who spoke in front of racist groups in the past)
  • Don't seem to get into the real strange dirt surrounding Dobson.
  • Don't go near the irony of the article. For example, they teased a quote from Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum saying of Dobson, "I have a very close relationship with Jim."
Dobson is a great threat to freedom in the United States - and in many cases the sanity of some of its citizens. Too often peple have thought he was some advice guy, but his "advice," (check out book reviews) have kept psychologists patient lists full for decades now.

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