Saturday, January 22, 2005

Me thinkest they protesteth way too much...

Joe Carter and Hugh Hewitt are in a snit about the well-deserved attention the media is finally giving to Koo-Koo for Cocoa Puffs TM James Dobson.

Joe and Hugh:

1. Get thee to a google page and search for the archives of the Institute for First Ammendment Studies. You'll find that Dobson's been associated with the looniest of far right organizations, such as the Constitution Party folks.

2. Dobson's been a cheerleader for the Coral Ridge Ministry 10 Commandments Scam.

3. Dobson's a fraud, as can easily be seen on his website. He pretends to be a "child care expert," but he's really a Protestant religious bigot. I can't put it in any other terms. His website regularly posts lies, slanders, and misinformation about any other type of religious belief other than his own.

4. Dobson's interference in his employees lives (as chronicled in the James Dobson's War on America), and the slapstick "John Paulk is an ex-gay" incidents shot Dobson's cred long before he ever heard of Sponge Bob.

5. I still think the real reason Dobson hates Sponge Bob is because he regularly trounces Fox in the ratings.

6. Dobson's webpage may state (link from Carter's page seems to broken, that) "Dr. Dobson is concerned that these popular animated personalities are being exploited by an organization that's determined to promote the acceptance of homosexuality among our nation's youth." Dr. Dobson is concerned that some folks may have to accept someone else's private behavior as someone else's private behavior. That's one absurd aspect of this. The other absurd aspect of this is the "exploitation" of fictional animated personalities. This is psychotic thinking.

7. Oh, and I forgot: Dobson's shameless self-shilling to me speaks of a narcissist. The man oozes psychological problems. I wouldn't let his advice near my kid, even if some of it is sensible. Much of it clearly is not; there are more than a couple of reviewers of his books who attribute their high psychotherapy costs directly to Dobson. IMO, the guy is reason number 1 against tort reform: he should be, if wrong can be demonstrated, subject to a class action suit from the children of parents who followed his "advice."

Dobson's why you folks are marginalized. Don't try to pass him off as something he's not.


The Reality Based Nation, which I found via Atrios, gives us Focus on the Family's "animated wardrobe malfunction moment."

These folks at "Focus" seem to have serious sexual issues- there's no two ways about it.

They also seem to have theological issues, too: how can you have a frog church? Why is Tad (Pole)(????) engaging in inter-species relations?

James Dobson apparently hasn't even seen the video, but was "briefed." Yeah.

But you can see the video here.

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