Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Reality Based" vs. "Delusion- Based"

I think "faith-based" insults people of faith, actually...

Call for contributions
Folks, if you have any to add, please do. I'll add as many as you got. Oh, and delusion-based folks? Don't worry, we'll get it right...

Reality Based Delusion Based
Iraq: No WMDs Found WMDs Found
Social Security is more sound than the budget Social Security is in crisis
Evolution is a science "Intelligent" "design" is a science
Global warming is real Global warming is an enviromentalist fantasy
No link between abortion and breast cancer Link between abortion and breast cancer
SpongeBob is a cartoon character SpongeBob is the bearer of an "insidious agenda"
Making federal tax cuts permanent will cause deficits for the forseeable future Making tax cuts permanent (and spending cuts) (and ignoring all expenditures for the War On Terror[tm])will halve the budget deficit in five years
Diverting Social Security taxes into private accounts will either bankrupt the program or require benefit cuts and only enrich Wall Street with management fees.
Diverting Social Securty taxes will increase the benefits paid to retirees because the stock market always goes up.

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