Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Speak Like a Conservative," Nazi Edition...

Steve Gilliard's piece gets echoed the next day by that nice intolerant guy at WND- well, not really, it's actually much cruder.

I'd never understood how the medieval kings found it so easy to get the common people to hate the Jews in their midst. But if those medieval Jewish leaders were anything like the idiots running the ADL, the ACLU and the Council of Jews, one can see where the idea of persecuting them would have held some appeal.
Gilliard would translate the above piece as "those kikes are all Commies and coming to eradicate our Christian way of life."

Thanks to Atrios,...


I mulled this over, and despite Theodore Beale's protestations that he's no anti-semite he still is.

He thinks he's not- or says so- because a) "all" he did was compare abortion to the Holocaust, and b) he's an "evangelical Christian"

Tell me, did the 13 year old who was raped by her dad and sees abortion as the only way out plan a technology for aborting all fetuses?

Did the woman who found out her child that she wanted is anencephalic and will die within days of being born take all the fetuses and cram them into a ghetto?

You could pursue this all day, and in no way could you consider the systematic extermination of a people - and other peoples in the same way as abortion, and to do so minimizes the reality of the horrors that were in that suffering.

Go to Warsaw and see.

Regarding the "I'm an evangelical Christian" excuse, Day/Beale says:

The problem is that whereas Christians have the benefit of what Paul describes in Ephesians as "the full armor of God" and are equipped to fight back against the super-psycho and his legions, Jews have little more than a promise that they will not be completely destroyed.

So, despite their differences on the Messiah's identity, Jews and Christians are on the same team. There is no great division between them, since God does not break His promises and He will keep those that He has made to both peoples.

Ah, how nice. So his god his promising only "almost" successful Holocausts. And he uses this to defend himself from charges of anti-semitism???

Also, the fact that he claims to support "Israeli Jews" is absurd too- does he support the ones - nearly 1/2 the population or more by now- who favor peace with the Palestinians?

And I'd assume he's saying when he says Nazis will have to get past him to get to the Jews is that he's got first dibs on the Jews...

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