Saturday, January 01, 2005

More details emerge about Guantánamo torture...


"We are detaining these enemy combatants in a humane manner," General Miller told reporters in March 2004. "Should our men or women be held in similar circumstances, I would hope they would be treated in this manner."

His successor, Brig. Gen. Jay W. Hood, told reporters in November that he was "satisfied that the detainees here have not been abused, they've not been mistreated, they've not been tortured in any way."

Journalists who were permitted to view an interview session from behind a glass wall during General Hood's tenure were shown an interrogator and detainee sharing a milkshake and fries from the base's McDonald's and appearing to chat amiably. It became apparent to reporters comparing notes in August, however, that the tableau of the interrogator and prisoner sharing a McDonald's meal was presented to at least three sets of journalists.

I'd say Happy Meals are a form of tortue themselves. As are Hamburger Clowns in general...

But seriously, this stuff is utterly disgusting, and anybody who supports the people who support this stuff- like Donald Rumsfeld, for example, are aiding and abetting the most un-American of activities.

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