Thursday, January 06, 2005

"Enough of the tsunami. Time for sensationalism again."

Andrea Yates conviction is overturned.

Which is good- the husband was never charged with anything, and leaving that woman alone with her kids was tantamount to depraved indifference to human life.

Moreover, the woman was clearly insane. If clearly insane people can't be acquited by reason of insanity- especially in this case - then ...wait, I'm talking about Texas here...

Christian terrorist Eric Rudolph's trial is heating up...

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Hoping to nullify a search warrant, Eric Rudolph’s attorneys are disputing the government’s claim that he planned to turn fugitive after a 1998 Alabama abortion clinic bombing.

In court papers made public Tuesday, the attorneys argue the one-time soldier and woodsman would have taken more provisions — certainly “more than a last meal of a Whopper, Coke and fries at Burger King” and $109.06 in food from a grocery store — if he anticipated a life on the lam in the North Carolina woods.

If Rudolph didn’t plan to hide out, then he didn’t “abandon” his trailer in Topton, N.C., and a later search by authorities looking for clues to the bombing was illegal, the attorneys contend.

This is rather bizarre to me: the guy went on the lam, he abandoned his trailer, and so what they want a free pass for him?

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