Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's time for a peaceful democratic revolution in America...

I often wonder why I blog; especially when I read of a Buddhist of some substance renounce blogging because of the ego trip involved, when conservatives admit that much blogging is hot air...albeit for the wrong reasons, and when, even if I highlight something days before more widely trafficked bloggers I still don't get notice..

Then, there's a time like tonight, when I'm awakened in the middle of the night by my son and I can't get back to sleep.

I keep thinking of a film I saw on Free Speech TV last night- "Orwell Rolls in His Grave."

Variety evidently wrote:

Pic meticulously traces the process by which black may be turned into white, with frequent references totalitarian states both fictional and real -- Orwell's "1984" competes with Goebbels' theories on propaganda and blatant examples of Soviet revisionism for pride of place... Helmer Pappas (director of the fiction features "Now I Know," and "Some Fish Can Fly") forsakes all pretense of presenting both sides, since presumably the other side is promoted daily by radio, television and the press. Pappas offers like-minded journalists, media watchdogs, scholars and legislators who voice their deep concerns about the health of democracy in America... Pic largely relies on talking heads, but the conviction and punch of the interviewees' commentary, leavened with pertinent excerpts from a lively Michael Moore speaking engagement, never becomes tedious. Graphs showing the income of the middle-class lamely flatlining while that of the upper-class climbs off the page are accompanied with shocking government figures of a 9% increase in middle-class income verses a 140% increase at the top...

But that's a lame review. Here's a better one:

Take the following items:

  • The original "October Surprise," in 1980. Sourced better than the first Lebanese story on "Arms for Hostages," (and considered matter of fact in places like Israel and France) it still remains taboo in America to suggest that Republicans back in 1980 may have committed treason; it's never been fully explored in the US...

  • The 2000 election. From the suppression of Bush's stock scam in Harken to the shenanigans of the Freepers to the evidently outright stealing of that election.

  • The 2002 election. The airbrushing out of the Voter News Service.

  • The 2004 election. The exit polls said - yet again- the Democrat won. The US and the US media the same reason to overturn the fraudulent vote in the Ukraine.

  • The attack on Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV and Valerie Plame.

  • The 9/11 report whitewash...

As "Orwell Rolls in His Grave" makes abundantly clear, if this happened in the Ukraine or Nicaragua, the US would call these the workings of a dictatorship. And rightly so.

Nobody but somebody who is ideologically blinded cannot see that one of these things might be tin foil hat thinking, but all of them - and the results to date: an oil industry hack becoming president and - surprise, surprise! - a tripling of oil prices- can't but suggest one thing: the present government is as legit as a 3 dollar bill.

And, at the rate they're going, will be thought of by the rest of Americans as that.

And so I guess it's time to effect a change in America for the better: the restoration of democratic rule to America.

The question is how...

Perhaps Cindy Sheehan has the right idea, but her schtick would have to be done on a wider scale to be effective: if one million people were peacefully camped out on the Washington Mall every day, this government, one way or another, would quickly become as illegitimate in the eyes of Americans as that of the Ukraine before its government toppled, or Tiananmen Square. My concern, thought, is - like the "Bonus Wars" government power might be brought in to violently "overthrow" the Tiananmen Square.

We will have to take back Congress. We will have to have legitimate elections.

I really don't know how this might be effected today without a massive "People Power" movement in America. But thanks to the ideologues on the right, this might just happen.

I was taught we were a free country in school. May we again be free.

I know righties will say reflexively "Tin Foil Hat!" and the like.

To which I say, "Look at the results. That pain in your wallet from high energy prices? You either voted for it because it fooled you or it stole its way into your wallet. Do your own research. Don't believe one film, one story in a magazine. Look at the foreign media. Check references. Find out!"

The market's been voting my way for quite a while now; if you believe that nonsense about markets as decision makers than it's clear that the present government has tanked the US economy.

When will you wake up?

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