Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pat Buchanan nails the Next Distraction


[Bush] needs to change the subject, select a field of battle where he has the high ground, and, as the Corleones used to say, "go to the mattresses." As soon as John Roberts is approved as Chief Justice, Bush should go right in the face of his chortling enemies and name a visible Scalia-Thomas strict constructionist to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, and let Leahy, Biden, Kennedy and Clinton fulminate all they wish.

But one thing: it wouldn't "rekindle faith in him as the strong decisive leader of post-9/11," as Buchanan goes on to say; such a nominee would get filibustered, and rightly so, and would leave the Repubs with 2 options: go for a power grab replay of the "nuclear option" (already a loser with the American people from previous polling) or let the nomination die (which would rekindle belief that Bush is nothing but a well connected oil hack who stole an election, lied about 9/11, lied about Iraq, ...)

So I say: Bring it on.

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