Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Republican Party is Antiamerican and Must Be Destroyed strongly denounced in order to make sure our liberties are preserved...

I am not kidding. I am all for a multiple political parties, and I am proliberty, and pro-civil liberties.

That's why any true American must demand that the Republican Party as we know it cease and desist.

Why? Because of this, (HT Atrios) and this. There simply is no excuse for this garbage. This is America. We do not censor the media here. We do not shut out opposition debate. We do not tolerate puppet governments acting at the behest of a leader.

Get out of town George W. Bush. You're a disgrace to the office.

And anyone who is a card-carrying member of the Republican party should be denied a security clearance, should be given exactly the same treatment that we gave Communists in the 1950s; it is patently obvious that those who support George W. Bush are a grave threat to the American way of life, and are a clear and present danger to the liberities of Americans.

Update: Evidently they've gotten a bit better with respect to press restrictions or maybe a "sea change".


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